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43% of Indian employees suffer from mental health issues at work

We would like to change that 

Why Nova?

Get the right support at the right time

  • Data backed

    Using information from risk check-ins, we track emotional trends of employees and intervene proactively through curated content on problems ranging from postpartum depression to the loss of a loved one. 

  • Proactive

    We take proactive measures to flag any concern by continuously engaging with your team. This helps in preventing burnout, appraisal anxiety, and imposter syndrome.

  • Customised

    Our customised programs with qualified psychologists provide teams and individuals with the emotional support they need to tackle difficult situations.

Reimagine Mental Wellness

With Nova's 4As 

  • Frame 6871

    Identify incidents that lead to emotional turmoil for your team

    • Provide frequent emotional check-ins with a qualified specialist.

    • Ensure comprehensive wellness assessment for individuals and teams.

    •  Facilitate improvement through weekly employee-specific performance reports that highlight problems that require attention.
  • Group 6506 (2)

    Analyse how your team is doing in order to provide the right support

    •  Get an overview of your company's overall mental well-being

    • Keep track of the emotional status of individuals and teams

    • Identify critical points of action through detailed mental wellness reports
  • Layer 4

    Provide help that is tailored to your team's emotional needs

    •  Personal therapy sessions that remain confidential between your and the therapist.

    • Support groups with peers to help build emotionally stronger teams

    • Workshops conducted by qualified therapists and specialists on a variety of mental wellness topics
  • Layer 6 (1)

    Watch you team's well-being and performance improve

    • Ensure 5x to 7x growth in team engagement

    • Ensure reduction in the team's Anxiety Score

    • Ensure reduction in the team's Stress Score 

Unlock healthier minds in just a few clicks!

Access our mental wellness services with just four simple steps

  • 1

    Login into your Nova Portal through the credentials provided by us

    Login into your nova portal
  • 2

    Select the mental wellness card available on the Nova portal

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  • 3

    Follow the instructions mentioned on your card to activate your plan

    Follow the instructions mentioned within the card (2)
  • 4

    Congratulations, you can now begin your journey towards better mental wellbeing!

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We've got you covered

From pro-actively identifying problem areas to providing customised solutions that actually help 

  • Emotional Risk Assessment

    Help your employees discover how they are doing mentally through regular emotional health check-ins.

  • Personal Therapy Sessions

    Provide access to therapy with professionals to help employees seek the mental support they need. 

  • Support Groups with Peers

    Emotionally connect with your team over common issues in order to build a stronger organisation. 

  • Mental Awareness Workshops

    Participate in workshops hosted by highly experienced specialists on a variety of emotional wellbeing topics. 

Personalised. Confidential. Informative.  


Build a well-thier team in every aspect!

Ensure all-round emotional support for employees through personalised therapy sessions, informative mental health workshops and support groups.

And don't worry, all personal sessions are kept strictly confidential, always!

Go the extra mile for your team


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We’re trusted by over 35,000+ happy employees across 100+ companies in India. Build a culture of employee wellness by taking the first step towards Nova Benefits.