What matters to us is what we ensure for you

If the idea of building the biggest employee wellness platform in India excites you — join us! 

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👋 Hello, we’re Nova

Nova is a people-first company that aims to help organizations take the best possible care of their employees. Our mission is to serve as the most comprehensive employee wellness platform for companies all across India.

✨ Why are we building Nova?

We spend more than 50% of our waking time at work. Happiness at work directly impacts happiness in life. We do our best work, when our basics are taken care of. These basics are the mental and physical health of ourselves and our family members. 

The pandemic emphasized the role of employers in providing healthcare to employees and their families. Providing high-quality health benefits is no longer optional. These health benefits should be simple to use and meaningful to each individual in the company.

Our Philosophy

We don’t just value diversity, we celebrate it

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    We embrace work goals with a sense of commitment and play an active role in meeting them. We do things today, over tomorrow.

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    We solve people's problems with a lens of empathy and compassion. We understand their needs as our own.

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    We demonstrate grit at the outset of setback

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    Learning Agility

     We push ourselves out of comfort zone and continue to learn from our experiences.

Meet the Dream Team

 Our definition of hybrid work culture includes working remotely and partying in person  

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Hear from our Supernovas

We are building an all-inclusive team, free of social barriers against any gender, race, or religion

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    Swedha Iyer
    Onboarding Manager

    “Working with Nova is refreshing, especially when compared to any traditional or conventional workstyle. The working environment is so full of motivation and energy”

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    Abhishek Kumar Singh

    “Nova's obsession with employee wellness has resulted in an awesome work culture! You get to work with talented folks over a neat tech stack, solving employee wellness across organizations”

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    Souradip Sen
    Director – Growth

    “The highest compliment I can give Nova from a personal point of view is that my mental health has steadily improved for the first time in years, I don't feel on the verge of burnout."

Ready to build the future of workplace wellness?

Join us on our mission to make workplaces healthier and happier