Exclusive add-ons for your Group Health Insurance

Increase your base health policy coverage up to 20L extra in just 2 minutes.

Available only to employees whose companies use group health insurance plans through Nova. 

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How do Super Top-Ups work?

Additional coverage kicks in once the deductible threshold is reached

  • 1

    You make 3 hospital visits in a policy year

    Say, for example, you have a base group insurance policy with a sum insured (deductible) of ₹ 4L and a Nova Super Top-Up Plan of ₹ 20L.

  • 2

    Your 1st hospital bill amounts to ₹ 3L

    Your Base Policy covers your bill of ₹ 3L 

  • 3

    Your 2nd hospital bill amounts to ₹ 6L

    Your Base Policy covers the remaining ₹ 1L (₹3L is already covered through your first hospital bill) and Nova Super Top-Up covers ₹ 5L (super top-up coverage activates once the deductible threshold is reached) 

  • 4

    Your 3rd hospital bill amounts to ₹ 8L

    Nova Super Top-Up covers the entire ₹ 8L bill (since the amount has exceeded the deductible threshold for the year which is your base coverage of ₹4L) 

Picture extra toppings of your choice, customised to taste!

That’s what we’re referring to when we say Super Top-Ups for you and your team.

Enjoy an additional coverage above and beyond your existing insurance cover. You can top up your existing cover with a Super Top-Up plan that will give you additional coverage of up to 20L at a nominal premium.

Why Nova's Super Top-Up Plan?

We provide benefits that your employees love

  • Pandemic coverage

    Covers COVID-related medical expenses. 

  • Instant issuance

    Coverage is activated within minutes of application. 

  • Paperless process

    No hard copies required or tedious process to follow.   

  • Universal coverage

    Top-up benefits stay even when you change employers. 

  • Additional tax savings

    Save tax of up to INR 25000-75000, and above 80D limits.

  • Extensive protection

    Spouse and 2 children are covered in case of family floater plans.

Start your additional coverage at just ₹ 529 per year!*

Never let emergencies affect your finances and savings. Increase your coverage up to 20L now

*Note: The price mentioned is exclusive of tax.

Secure an additional layer of protection for your parents

 Ensure customised coverage with superior benefits through Nova’s parental super top-ups 

  • Financial safety

    No need to worry about soaring hospital bills. With parental top-ups, your only focus will be ensuring the best care for your parents while their super top-up takes care of the financial coverage.

  • Lesser premium

    An increase in age leads to increased premiums. Buying a parental super top-up can help you save money considerably. The only drawback is paying the deductibles from your existing health or corporate plan or your pocket. 

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Age is no longer a limit. Your parents can avail the benefits of a parental super top-up from the age of 51 and enjoy the benefits of an additional financial blanket for all their medical expenses. 

More coverage, less limits

An extra blanket of protection for your team

  • No limits!

    Extra coverage once you’ve exhausted your deductible (sum insured). 

  • Pre-hospitalisation

    Up to 30 days of pre-hospitalisation expenses covered. 

  • Post-hospitalization

    Up to 60 days of post-hospitalization expenses covered 

  • Zero co-pay

    Covers 100% of the eligible medical and hospital expenses. 

  • ZERO waiting period

    0-day on injuries/accidents, 30-day on general treatment, and up to 2 years on pre-existing ailments/diseases. 

  • Flexible room rent conditions

    Single private room for non-ICU situations and no limits on ICU. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergencies don’t wait

Get a Super Top-Up plan, be prepared for medical contingencies, and secure your peace of mind today!